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Pastoral Team

Rev. Clyde & Elisabeth Lowe

Rev. Clyde & Elizabeth Lowe

Rev. Clyde Lowe
Senior Pastor
(902) 847-3430

I have learned one great truth that stands above all else during my Christian walk; life without God is not life. Life for eternity is just not enough. I must have God to worship. I must have God to love. Most of all I have a deep need for God’s love.

As a pastor my God appointed mission is to guide the people that God has entrusted to me. It is my mission to guide them into a deeper relationship with him. I want you each to experience him, be moved by him, and touched by him in a real and undeniable way.

My intention, as this churches worship leader, is for each and every one of us is to have a “God encounter,“ when we gather together for worship on the Lords day morning.

Christ is real. He has died for our sins and has risen from the dead. Our joy will be great as we fully realize this amazing truth. There is nothing this world can offer that compares to the joy we have in Christ.

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