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Firm on the Word of God

Too often in our time, churches and pastors are compromising on the authority of Scripture in an attempt to make the Bible more socially acceptable or less challenging to the society in which we live. At our church, we believe strongly that the Church should not change to become more like the world, but that the world should be changed by the impact of the Church. When people step through the doors of our church, we hope that they find something far greater than what the world can offer.

This is why we uphold the Bible as God’s truth – complete, authoritative, God-breathed, and without error. It has withstood the test of time, containing life-changing timeless truths that alone have the power to save the world from its sin.

We are people of the book. We try to live our lives in accordance to the teachings of Scriptures. We seek to learn from it and find nourishment in it daily. Our church’s preaching and teaching is derived directly from it. We do not worship it, but we uphold it as God’s word for all people, and we stand firm on it even in the midst of a world which has largely rejected it.

We agree with the doctrinal statement of The Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches concerning Scripture when it states: “The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments have their authority from God alone, and are given to us by divine inspiration. They are the only perfect, supreme, infallible and sufficient standard of faith and practice.”

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