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History of our Church

In March 1846, members of a much larger congregation from surrounding areas, decided to form their own church in Aylesford, since they all lived in the area. The first congregation consisted of seventeen people. Rev. Williams Chipman was called to be the first Pastor. In 1853 he ws succeeded by Rev. Charles Tupper, the father of Rt. Hon. Charles Tupper, at one time Premier of Nova Scotia and briefly, Prime Minister of Canada.

From 1869 to 1900, the church was remodeled and enlarged. It was rededicated with its new memorial windows and new bell for the spire. Also, in 1900, the Aylesford congregation hosted the Baptist Association annual meeting for the first time.

The church saw a number of changes in 1946. A new electric Menshall organ was installed, the exterior of the church was repainted, and the grounds were improved. The vestry was renovated and a new kitchen was built, sponsored by the Senior Sewing Circle.

Since 1854, Aylesford Baptist Church was closely associated with Morristown Church. Up until 1981, our Pastor had to serve at that church, as well as later on, in the community of Lake Paul – Lake George. In 1981, they finally felt they could support their own Pastor.

In 1969, Rev. Metcalfe came to Pastor our church. During his six years here, he helped set up a memorial fund. In 1974, money from this fund was used to purchase a set of electric chimes for the church, which are heard twice a day.

In 1975, Rev. Douglas Porter came to pastor our church. During his eight years with us, the church saw a great spiritual growth, as well as membership. There was also a great deal of work done to the exterior of the church. The steeple was lowered and replaced with a shorter, square-shaped steeple. In 1980, construction began to add a large addition to the church. On May 3, 1981, this completed Christian Education Wing, valued at $60,000, was dedicated at a special service. This Wing was completed without debt, due to the generous support monetarily, of the congregation and 2300 hours of donated labour.

Over the years our church saw many changes as things were repaired and improved, and in 1995, Pastor Lowe came to pastor our church, with changes about to take place again. In 1996, our church enjoyed celebrating the blessings of our Lord with a 150 year Anniversary service, with the congregation dressing in period costume. Also in 1996, our parking lot was paved with the value being in the vicinity of $38,000.

In 1998, new, up-dated washrooms were installed, as well as a good, modern sound system, two new classrooms upstairs, and a new up-dated sign out front of the church to announce our services. In 2000, a balcony was added to the church sanctuary, built by Rosco Construction with the value being in the vicinity of $23,000 which seats 46 people.
In 2004, we became the first church in Nova Scotia with a radio station. Broadcasting at 101.1FM, Valley Christian Radio – The Valley’s Good News Station, officially hit the airwaves on February 1st. CVCR, the first Christian radio station in the Annapolis Valley, is operated entirely by volunteers. Before long, the station expanded to 24/7 broadcasting as well as broadcasting online. The purpose of CVCR is to aid the Aylesford Baptist Church in its mission to broadcast the uncompromising message of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
In 2014 construction of the new church building was completed. The new building includes a new sanctuary, nursery and offices. The older part of the building will become a Christian Education Centre, utilizing the existing classroom space, radio station, and kitchen. The former sanctuary will be used as a multi-purpose area for church fellowship meals, youth group and other activities.
The Pastors of Aylesford Baptist Church
Rev. William Chipman
Rev. Dr. Charles Tupper
Rev. Abram Stronach
Rev. J.L. Reade
Rev. H.N. Parry
Rev. J.W. Bancroft
Rev. J.B. Morgan
Rev. A.S. Lewis
Rev. L.F. Wallace
Rev. Charles Freeman
Rev. Frederick F. Foshay
Rev. G.P. Raymond
Rev. E.G. Dakin
Rev. F. McAvoy
1848 – 1853
1853 – 1857
1857 – 1858
1858 – 1889
1889 – 1891
1892 – 1895
1896 – 1901
1901 – 1904
1904 – 1908
1908 – 1912
1912 – 1915
1915 – 1917
1917 – 1919
1919 – 1922
Rev. A.H. Saunders
Rev. Frank Smith
Rev. John Linton
Rev. Molton Munn
Rev. R.S. Gregg
Rev. Harold Mitton
Rev. Samuel Holmes
Rev. Donald Jackson
Rev. A. Gordon McClare
Rev. Nelson Metcalfe
Rev. Douglas Porter
Rev. Charles Milbury
Rev. Eustace Marshall
Rev. Clyde Lowe
1923 – 1926
1926 – 1930
1931 – 1934
1934 – 1941
1941 – 1945
1946 – 1950
1950 – 1954
1954 – 1969
1969 – 1975
1975 – 1982
1982 – 1985
1985 – 1994
1995 – Present
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